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Hannah Woolfenden, Sugar Plum Fairy

Hannah was the recipient of an AVArts scholarship a few years ago. She has continued her studies in ballet and is now dancing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker. This is her 10th year performing in the Nutcracker for the Mendocino Ballet Company.hannah

Performances are taking place in Fort Bragg this weekend, 10th and 11th, and in Ukiah on December 16, 17 and 18 at the Mendocino College Theater.

Below, Hannah after a performance in Fort Bragg with Xenia King and Glynnis Jones, members of AVArts.





It’s About Time

The members of Anderson Valley Arts (AVArts) want to express our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who helped make the October 23rd It’s About Time! fundraiser such a fun and tremendously successful event. With the participation of everyone who attended, and especially those who generously bid on our wonderful donated art auction items, AVArts raised over $10,000 to support our Arts in the Schools and Arts Scholarship programs. Thank you all for your most generous support of AVArts!

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Special thanks to the always lovely & entertaining Patty Liddy for her remarkable time-inspired songs; hard-working bartenders Lauren Keating & Steve Sparks; local artists Chris Bing, Doug Browe, Steve Derwinski, Paula Gray, Susan Gross, Sony Hatcher, Charlie Hochberg, Wally Hopkins, Via Keller, Cathleen Micheaels, Jaye Moscariello, Judy Nelson, Helen Papke, Terry Ryder, Sandra Rubin, Steve Rubin, Marvin Schenck, Colleen Schenck, Jacob Troester, Jan Wax & Jody Williams along with the family & friends of Cynthia Thomas and Deanna Apfel, Karen Altaras & the former Rookie-To Gallery; local wineries Balo Vineyards, Bink Wines, Handley Cellars, Husch Vineyards, Lula Cellars, Navarro Vineyards, Philo Ridge Vineyards, Roederer Estate, Scharffenberger Cellars, and Signal Ridge Vineyard; Erika McKenzie-Chapter & Pennyroyal Farm for the generous donation of farmstead cheeses; Lauren Keating & Natalie Matson of Lauren’s restaurant for generously hosting the event; Burt Cohen & Boont Berry Farm for catering the event; and Mike Crutcher & Bella for loaning us the magnificent Time Machine.

“It’s About Time”




A Fundraiser Supporting Arts in the Schools and Scholarships for Young Artists
It’s time again for another lively and fun-filled Anderson Valley Arts (AVArts) fundraiser with the upcoming “It’s About Time!” live auction of time-inspired artworks by local artists. Proceeds will support AVArts’ scholarships and supplemental arts programs in the schools.

The event will be held on Sunday, October 23rd at Lauren’s restaurant in Boonville from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Enjoy the musical entertainment of Patty Liddy and sample locally-made finger foods and a complimentary glass of Anderson Valley wine or grape juice, while supporting our young artists.

Participating artists donating artworks to the auction include Deanna Apfel, Chris Bing, Doug Browe, Paula Gray, Susan Gross, Sony Hatcher, Charlie Hochberg, Wally Hopkins, Via Keller, Cathleen Micheaels, Jaye Moscariello, Judy Nelson, Helen Papke, Sandy Rubin, Steve Rubin, Terry Ryder, Marvin Schenck, Colleen Schenck, Jan Wax and Jody Williams. A selection of the artwork will be on display at Lauren’s prior to the event.

AVArts has supported arts education in Anderson Valley since 1999. The non-profit’s work reinforces community spirit and makes the arts a more visible and important presence in Anderson Valley. Over the years, and with support from local businesses, artists and the community, AVArts has awarded dozens of scholarships to graduating seniors pursuing the study of the arts in college as well as scholarships for students in grades 3rd -12th grade to attend special arts-related classes, workshops and events. AVArts also awards grants for supplemental arts programming in the elementary, junior and high schools, providing diverse, high quality visual, literary and performing arts programs to Anderson Valley students which would not otherwise be possible.
Tickets, which are $20, will be available at the door and include entry to the event, a glass of wine or grape juice and light local finger foods. For more information send us an email at

2016 Art Scholarships for Graduating Seniors awards:

1. Alexandria (Lexi) Johnson – $1,000 to attend Chapman University to study video and film

2. William (Will) Connor Lemons – $1,000 to attend Santa Rosa Junior College then Arizona State University to study theater and video

3. Sharon Kimberly (Kim) Cornejo – $500 to attend the University of California, Berkeley as a pre-med major with a possible art minor to continue to be involved in painting

4. Citlaly Correa – $500 to attend the University of California, Berkeley as a pre-med major with an interest in continuing to be involved in drawing and painting

5. Erica Quezada – $500 to attend yet to be determined college to study Liberal Arts and obtain an elementary teaching credential with an interest in continuing to be involved in dance, video and photography

Art in the Schools 2015-2016

The AVES Elementary School Visual Art Sessions partnered local artist Chris Bing with all 286 K-6th grade students and teachers:

  •         engaging students in three to four 50-60 minute visual arts sessions making candle holders in kindergarten and 1st grade, bobble head balance figures in 2nd grade, skulls and paper mâché birds as part of the study of bird anatomy 3rd grade; ceramic bears and cast plaster maps as part of the study of California in 4th grade; carved whale teeth as part of the Age of Sail study in 5th grade; and paper mâché salmon and also cuneiform tablets as part of world cultures study in 6th grade; and
  •         concluding with a culminating exhibit of student art at Lauren’s restaurant in Boonville which shared the art created in the sessions with families and community members and provided students a chance to be the featured artists on exhibit in a venue that exhibits work by professional artists from throughout Mendocino County and beyond.

The AVES Arts Across The Curriculum cross-age, integrated arts poetry writing and bookmaking project partnered artist and arts educator Cathleen Micheaels with students, teachers and families:

  •         bringing poetry writing and bookmaking which included hand lettering, decorative papermaking miniature block printmaking and collage to all 286 K- 6th grade students and supported teaching and learning in English-Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Visual Arts;
  •         engaging all 5th and 6th graders in “teaching what they know” by serving as Art Buddy mentors in the K-1st grade classes, helping the younger students write their poems and make their books;
  •         bringing together 110 students, families, staff and junior high, high school and parent volunteers to make poem mini-print collage banners about food for display in the school cafeteria at the annual Family Arts Night in April; and
  •         hosting the culminating classroom displays of books and poetry presentations as part of the school-wide Open House in May.

The AVHS Junior High School Dance Sessions partnered dancer and retired Mendocino County teacher Jane Corey with AVHS Physical Education teacher Jason Page:

  •         bringing structured improvisation, partner and group dances into two junior high school Physical Education classes twice a month for a total of sixteen sessions;
  •         engaging sixty-one junior high school students in multicultural dance which emphasized dance fundamental lessons and specific dances with the goal of building dance vocabulary, working on rhythm, aerobic stamina, coordination and movement; and
  •         introducing improvisation, partner and group dances with music from folk and classical traditions as well as a dance partner teacher.

The AVHS The Food We Eat PhotoVoice Project partnered artist and arts educator Cathleen Micheaels with AVHS Photography Class teacher Nat Corey-Moran:

  •         engaging students in taking photographs and crafting individual narrative “storylines” which together told the stories of the food they eat including breakfast, lunch during and after school snacks, dinner, comfort and special holiday foods as well as cultural influences and where food is purchased and/ or grown;
  •         connecting students with local community member resources including a visit from Amanda Bontecou proprietor of Philo Hill Farm who is also the Boonville Farmers’ Market Manager and a field trip to Pennyroyal Farm for a tour of the cheese making, goat and sheep herds and grounds by Head Cheesemaker & Herd Manager Erika McKenzie-Chapter; and
  •         hosting a very successful culminating exhibit of student photographs and storylines at Lauren’s restaurant in Boonville with an opening reception event which brought together 60-65 students, teachers, staff family and community members who joined us for a viewing of the project museum-quality framed photos and storyline displays and a presentation of the project website including students reading excerpts from their completed storylines.

June – July 2015 Scholarship Awards

Kaylie Mendoza

As part of continuing to support the arts and students in Anderson Valley through the two AVArts scholarships programs—Arts Scholarships for Graduating Seniors and Special Arts Related Scholarships for school-age AV students to attend arts classes, workshops, events and summer camps—AVArts made the following awards in June and July:

Arts Scholarship for Graduating Seniors

This year AVArts is made four awards to four deserving students in recognition of not just their artistic pursuits and accomplishments but also of their academic achievements. The awards were made possible by the generous support of local artists, educators and supporters of the arts in Anderson Valley and beyond and through a special donation from the George and Ruth Bradford Foundation. AVArts wishes each of the four students a year ahead full of discovery and continued creativity and inspiration as they further their educations and trusts that they will use the awards toward making the year ahead as successful, rewarding and artful as possible:

Lana DeWolff — a $500 scholarship to Lana in recognition of her talents and accomplishments in the visual and performing arts and in support of her continued education at Mendocino College.

Kaylie Mendoza — a $500 scholarship to Kaylie in recognition of her talents and accomplishments in the visual arts and in support of her continued education at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Victor Sánchez — a $1,500 scholarship to Victor in recognition of his talents and accomplishments in the visual and technical arts and in support of his continued education at The College of the Sequoias.

Selena Anguiano — a $2,500 scholarship to Selena in recognition of her talents and accomplishments in the visual and fine arts and in support of her continued education at the University of California, Davis.

Special Arts Related Scholarships

AVArts awarded $750 to support scholarships for Anderson Valley students Tricia Anguiano, Alejandro Carrillo and Jazline Pérez to participate in the Anderson Valley Youth Ensemble’s Drama Camp in August.