Help Support The Arts In Anderson Valley!

Anderson Valley Arts (AVArts) has been dedicated to supporting arts in the AV community through funding arts programs in our schools and awarding student scholarships since 1999. This past year AVArts supported visual arts sessions which brought ceramics, paper mâché, drawing and painting to K-6 students at AVES, multicultural dance sessions with the junior high school P.E. classes and the History Stories Project which engaged AVJH&SH U.S. History class students in researching, writing, illustrating and creating original storybooks for K-2nd graders. As AVArts depends on community participation and support, we’re reaching out to personally invite you to help support us through making a tax deductible donation to AVArts.

Help AVArts in continuing to bring diverse, quality supplemental arts programs to Anderson Valley schools that would otherwise not be possible and to award scholarships to deserving students (this past year a $5,000 scholarship was awarded to AVJH&SH graduating senior Cozette Ellis to attend the University of California, Davis to study graphic design and art) by mailing us your tax deductible donation. Checks made out to Anderson Valley Arts can be mailed to: AVArts, P.O. Box 20, Yorkville, CA  95494. For more information or to be added to our mailing list to receive our annual update letter send an email request to: Thank you for supporting us in any way you are able to—your generous contributions are essential in helping AVArts continue to promote and support thriving arts experiences and opportunities for all students in our community!

AVArts Members

Karen Altaras, Peggy Dart, Paula Gray, Dennis Hudson, Glynnis Jones, Lauren Keating, Xenia King, Cathleen Micheaels & Jody Williams


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